Why I Tea with Varieteas


As long as I can remember, I have been a tea fanatic. I started drinking plain black teas that you can find easily in a grocery story (which can be good in a pinch). I tried to branch out to green teas and herbals but never really enjoyed any of the flavors I tried. I ended up being stuck in a plain black tea rut. After a few years of not trying anything new in the tea world (I can be extraordinarily picky), I stumbled upon a tea selection at a store while I was in college that blew my mind. This was when I started drinking more flavored teas, and more types of teas. Through this process of being able to try so many types, I realized that there are so many types of teas that are fantastic tasting and great for your health.

Each type of tea has different health benefits and there are so many flavors to suit your pallet. Black teas are a great source of caffeine (like coffee) and can help with digestion, high blood pressure, high cholesterol (there are more benefits too!). Green teas have a milder level of caffeine, are loaded with antioxidants and help regulate metabolism. White teas have a mild level of caffeine like greens, decrease cancer risk, decrease cardiovascular disease risk and can help your skin. Herbal teas have different benefits depending on what is in the teas, but I love to drink them during the evening to help get ready for sleep and calm down. Having so many health benefits, tea has become a huge part of my daily life (there are more kinds out there too).

Varieteas is a company that promotes health and wellness through their teas, while bringing you different high quality teas from around the world, straight to your doorstep each month. I love this company for a few reasons. They provide three different types of teas each month. They do this because they want you to be able to drink tea throughout the day and correlate it with your daily life (high caffeine in the morning, low at night, medium during the afternoon). They also promote health and wellness through their teas. I personally love this message of theirs because so many coffee companies are serving drinks with more calories than you should have in your whole day (eppp!!). Fitness and health are a big part of my life and I love that Varieteas is helping me reach my goals with their teas.

For February, they have chosen the most delish combo of flavors to suit you and your valentine! They have picked a black tea called Chocolate delight, a herbal tea called Sweet Strawberry and a green tea called Moroccan Mint. I absolutely love this combination, and you even get a recipe card to make a Chocolate Covered Strawberry Tea (yumm!). Go ahead and check out this this fantastic tea company to broaden your hot beverage horizons and get a yummy guilt free treat!

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