Wantable: April Edit

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Sports Bra: Onzie (Circle Bra: Chemisty Royal) Leggings: Glyder (Ninja Crop)

Want 4 Want 5 Want 6

Sports Bra: Onzie (Graphic Elastic Bra: Tribal Effect) Leggings: Glyder (Ninja Crop)

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Top: Colosseum (Botanical Tank) Jacket: Colosseum (Bombshell Jacket) Leggings: Colosseum (Hikers Capri)

Wantable is an online personal styling company that picks 5 pieces of clothing or accessories specifically for you. When you first sign up, you take a quiz to give your stylist a general idea of what you would like and what your sizes are. They have 5 different monthly boxes that you can pick from (Style, Fitness, Intimates, Accessories, and Makeup).  For my monthly box, I have chosen the fitness edit because I workout almost everyday and love having new, fun pieces for my workouts. This is my 4th fitness box and I would have to give it 5 out of 5 stars.

This month my stylist picked out two of Onzie’s yoga bras for me to try.  I love both of them! I have always loved funky backs and patterns on sports bras making these two perfect for me. They have the right amount of support and allow great movement, so doing yoga poses won’t be a problem. I also got a whole outfit from the brand Colosseum. The pants made me super hesitant thinking that they are going to make my butt awful, but to my surprise, I think they look great! The top fits perfectly and has a built in sports bra (yay)  making it great for any fitness activity. And last but certainly not least, the jacket. This jacket is so breezy and fun with all the detail from the mesh material. I think its perfect for not only a hike, but also to add to a casual weekend outfit.

After you receive your edit, you review each piece and give notes to your stylist on how to improve the box for the next month. This helps your stylist pick out pieces that fit your style better. Since this is my 4th, I would say that my stylist nailed it. After my last box, I got a notice that new brands and items were added so they can offer more styles. Onzie is one of the new brands that they added to their boxes. I have wanted to try some of their items for a while now, but have the constant fear of not liking something and having to go through the hassle of online returns (you get free shipping and returns with Wantable). I requested their products for this box and was thrilled when I saw two items from them.

Wantable is something I would suggest to anybody who wants to branch out from their typical everyday style. They offer brands that you may have never heard of and allow you to try styles that you may not have tried on your own. Now don’t be too surprised if you end up feeling like your first box isn’t the greatest. It will take a box or two for your stylist to hone in on your specific style. Give this type of online shopping a chance and see what you get in your box!