Smile Brilliant Whitening Kit

 A few months ago, I started using Smile Brilliant’s teeth whitening system. They offer a great selection of kits so you can pick one that will work with your teeth the best. I made sure that I picked one that had the desensitizing gel in it because my teeth and mouth are insanely sensitive.

When the kit arrives, you get everything you need to make you custom trays and start whitening. They give you three sets of paste (the third is just in case you mess up one of them) so you can make your trays as soon as you get the kit. This process is absolutely hysterical because there will be some drooling happening (but its worth it, trust me). They also give you fabulous instructions so the molds you make and send back to them can be turned into the whitening trays.

The trays that they send are clear and come with a super convenient travel case so you can literally do anything in them. And I mean anything! I shot almost every blog shoot since I got my kit wearing them because you can’t tell that they are in!

My personal whitening experience may be a little different than yours. Since my teeth/mouth are so sensitive to whitening, I took a little while longer than most people need to. I only used about 1/6 of a syringe at a time a few times a week for about 1 hour. I then immediately followed this with the desensitizing get (which is a magical concoction that stops the uncomfortable sensitivity that you may experience). Even though my whitening took longer than it might for you, my results were still AMAZING! I am so impressed with how much whiter my teeth are and can’t believe that an extremely affordable whitening kit gave me these results.

In the picture below, the top is where I started and the bottom is my end result.

This at home teeth whitening system give results equivalent to the expensive dentist office visit that will run you so much more. In every picture below, I am wearing my trays and you can’t tell! They fit like a glove and make it so easy to wear while you are doing everyday activities!

I love the way my teeth look after using Smile Brilliant. I know that I will be buying more of the whitening gel and desensitizing gel so that I can maintain my new white smile. I haven’t felt this confident smiling in a very long time and am so happy that I gave this super affordable at home whitening system a shot.

Another fantastic feature of this custom teeth whitening system is that if you think you teeth are getting a little yellow again, you can purchase just the whitening and desensitizing gels. This will allow you to extend the length of your gorgeous new smile and help you get even more use out of those trays!

Use code redheadedwonderland5 to recieve 5% off your new smile!

Tips to help prevent yellow teeth:

1- Use a straw when drinking things like coffee, tea and soda (please do not burn your mouth, let it cool or throw some ice in it)

2- Use a whitening toothpaste in addition to your whitening gel

3- Use the system at night before you go to bed

4- Brush your teeth with water before you start your whitening gel and with toothpaste after you finish/ before you desensitize

I hope you all love your new smiles!