RunDisney: Is Every Mile Really Magic?

February 21th 2016, 3:00am I woke up in a hotel room in Orlando Florida. Today, I was going to run in the Disney Princess Half Marathon.

Disney Half Marathon 1

I was reeling with excitement. There are about 16 corrals based on estimated finish time. I was in corral C and could barely wait to take off and run hoping that my dreams of this race would live up to the actual race. I could barely believe it but the race was better than I could have thought. Each corral is started off by a fairy godmother and fireworks! How amazing??? Every mile marker is a Disney princess poster so you know where you are in the race. And the BEST part…. Pictures with Disney Princesses and Princes during the race (I chose not to take pictures with the characters because I wanted a personal time record). You get to run through Magic Kingdom, Cinderellas castle EEPP and through Epcot! DJ’s are strategically placed throughout the whole course along with volunteers to keep you motivated. Then the most beautiful site…. The Finish Line. If you’re lucky the announcers will call out your name when you cross the line telling the spectators you’ve completed one of the most magical races in all the lands.

Disney Half Marathon 3Disney Half Marathon 2








You then get a beautiful medal to commemorate your achievement and if you want they can put pixie dust in your hair! In my opinion, Disney can do no wrong… even some of the difficult tasks (5ks, 10ks, half and full marathons) are made fun and exciting. And if you’ve been thinking this whole time, I can’t run that far, 13.1 miles would kill me… Guess what it won’t. You don’t have to run this race you can walk it instead. There is a time cap on the race due to them opening the parks, but many people were able to finish while walking the distance.

Disney races are as magical as everything else they do. The support, the experience, and the hard work they put in to the race shows. Every penny you spend will not go to waste. When I get asked if I would do a different disney race or if I would do a princess half marathon again the answer is YES YES a thousand times YES! I’m constantly scouring their site to see the dates of upcoming races and pour over every email they send me. If this race did anything, it made me a bigger Disney fan than I was before the race. My next Disney run will not be for a few more years, until I can save up enough money(the cost can be hefty) but I am looking forward to another race in my future.Disney Half Marathon 4Sign-off--Liz