Peacock Broach

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Broach: Charming Charlie (Similar here, here and here) || Top: Gap (Similar here)|| Sweater: Mint Julep Boutique || Jeans: American Eagle || Bracelets: Charming Charlie

In the fall and winter seasons, it can be really easy to wear neutrals all day every day. My favorite thing about neutrals is that they are neutral. You can add any touch of color anywhere in your outfit with some great accessories. I like to keep around a variety of accessories in a large range of colors to add to each neutral. When I put this outfit together, I wanted to keep to simple color pallets. I love gray on gray and think that a nice stripe tee with a cardigan look so cute together. Since this outfit has a simple color story to it, I wanted to add color with cute accessories.

I picked up this adorable peacock broach from Charming Charlies. It has the prettiest purples and blues throughout it and and can be worn on so many accessories. I pinned this broach to a white scarf so it would stand out. The white background gives it great contrast so that it becomes the center of the outfit. I also wore some fun chunky bracelets in the same color family to add more color to the outfit. Adding little bits of color through accessories is a great way to spice up neutral colored fall outfits.