Palm Print Leggings

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Leggings: Pink Lotus Tank: Lukka Lux Socks: Balega Shoes: Brooks

I absolutely love to run and workout and I try to get in 5 or more sessions per week. I got the tank and leggings in the first few Wantable boxes I received and love them so much. Let me start with these phenomenal leggings. The fit on these beauties sold me immediately. They are like a glove, and stay in place during every workout. The pants also have a hidden little pocket in the band so you can store your house key or id if needed. The print on these babies is just a bonus in my book (I took some close ups  because the print changes). The blue color mixed with the palms make them super fun and they aren’t see through, so there wont be any unexpected flashing episodes.

This tank top has also turned into one of my favorite fitness pieces. The fit is perfect, not too tight and not too loose. It flows with every move and is very flattering during the most intense workouts. The straps are made out of an elastic material so they won’t dig into your shoulders. This top is such a great basic for working out but I could even see me wearing this out for drinks or dinner.

The socks I have on have become the only kind I will wear during a run or a workout. They are from Balega and this company has designed the best sock a girl or guy could ever want. They have a tab in the back so they stay up during your workouts,and strategically place padding on the bottom. They fit like a second skin and are made with a tough spandexy material. I found these at the local running store near my house and have ended up going back for more. I also got my Brooks Ghost running shoes at that store. I was fit by one of their running professionals, and love these shoes to the trails and back. I highly recommend investing in a quality pair of shoes. This will save you a lot of foot problems in the future.


P.S My puppy is a fantastic workout partner!