Linvilla Orchards (Media, PA)

Going to an orchard is one of my favorite fall activities. Orchards always have so many cute and yummy items to look at and of course buy! Linvilla Orchards is right outside of Philadelphia and they have a TON of things to see, eat and do.

Linvilla has a pumpkin corral, farmers market, hayride, petting zoo, orchard, and store so you will be busy all day! We started out in the pumpkin corral and wandered around looking at all of the different kinds of pumpkins. 

Look at how cute this pumpkin decoration is! I would have taken that home in a minute if I had a place to put it. These pumpkins were 80lbs and up! SOOO huge! Goose neck gourds are some of my favorite “pumpkins”Naturally I bought one of these little cuties instead of the gigantic pumpkin.
Allison (my bestie and photographer when in town) found some super cute mini pumpkins!
I’m obsessed with mums. They are soooo pretty in my opinion!Look at how big those pumpkins are! They are the size of my torso (in shock). What’s fall without a caramel apple?! I was the most delish one I’ve had in years (also may be the first one i’ve had in years). The hayride that they offer is $8 per person and you get to tour their fields and go to a witches house! We passed because we spent all of our money on caramel apples and decorations. They also have a pick your own apple orchard or you can go into their farmers market and buy pre picked ones. They have a special kind called a Linvilla Cortland Crisp (so yummyyyyyy) and of course the infamous honey crisp!

I love pumpkins, apples and all things fall. I can’t wait to spend more time eating apples and painting pumpkins. I hope you all get a chance to visit an orchard this fall and romp around with the pumpkins! Have a fab week!