Gift Guide: For The People Who Are Hard To Buy For 2017

Everyone has one or a few people in their lives who are insanely difficult to buy for. Wether its because they have everything already or they are just so picky you can never find anything that they would like. I put together this guide for you to get a better idea on what would be a great gift for the tough people in your life.

1- A new phone case (or laptop skin) from Caseapp– I love receiving personalized gifts and Caseapp gives you the chance to design a phone case or laptop skin. You can put a picture of yourself (which I would highly suggest) or of their pets, kids, family, or their favorite disney character. Everyone needs a phone case and making it personal is a great way to go! You can use code WONDERLAND20 for 20% off your purchase!

2- A UE Wonderboom– This is the perfect gift for the music or podcast lover. The UE booms and various smaller or larger versions of the booms are so versatile and can go with you everywhere (literally everywhere, the shower, camping, a pool, working out, etc). They also come in a ton of color combos (and depending on the one you pick, various prices) so they fit your budget and fit their style.

3- A Varieteas Subscription– I love the idea of gifting a subscription. Varieteas gives you the option to pick the perfect amount of tea to send as a gift. They have multiple options for the amount of tea and the length of time to gift making it the ultimate customizable gift. If you’re buying a subscription you can use code REDHEAD for 30% off your first month of the subscription.

4- A Personalized Swell Bottle– Swell bottles are some of my favorite water bottles. They keep your beverage hot for 12 hours or cold for 24 without any sweat. I think this would be an awesome gift because who doesn’t need a water bottle? They also come in a ton of shapes in sizes to fit your needs. I also love the fact that you can personalize them too!

5- Williams Sonoma Hot Chocolate– This hot chocolate is MAGICAL. It’s made of actual chocolate shavings that you melt into milk. This would be the perfect for any warm beverage lover, and would make a great hostess gift! It comes in a few flavors so you can pick the one you think they would like best or you can get a sampler so they can try a few.

6- A Cozy Throw Blanket– Regardless of how many blankets a person owns, they can always use another. This warm cozy throw blanket would look great in any room of any home (because of the great neutral color).

7- A Sugarfina Gummy Bear Sampler– Gummy bears are such a cute, easy gift. I would say the solid majority of the population loves gummy bears or knows someone who does. I think this would be such a cute gift (also could be for a hostess), especially with the delish flavors!

8- A Candle Sampler– Candles make fabulous gift no matter the occasion. Most people love candles and this set of them is made from coconut wax and have a cotton wick to ensure a clean burn. I love the size of the candles in this set and that you get a variety of flavors.

9- An LED Deer– Buying decor items for people as gifts is one of my favorite things to do. I love seeing my gift being used over an over (just by it being displayed) and this cute little deer is sure to be front and center. It matches any decor scheme and is a good size to be easily displayed.

10- A Pair of Slippers– In the winter you need to keep those tootsies warm and a pair of good slippers is the best way to do it. I have a pair of these myself (the ones with the fur on the sides) and I am in love with them. They last forever and keep the winter chill away. There are a ton of styles for men, women and kiddos.

11- A Pair of Bluetooth Headphones– Everyone needs a good pair of bluetooth headphones. I have this exact kind of headphones and they are noise canceling making them perfect for noisy areas. I loved using them on the train to and from school everyday and I know they make a great gift.

12- An Embroidered Travel Kit– Having a little kit while traveling to keep all of your toiletries in is a necessity. Giving someone a personalized one makes them even better. This gift is so useful and is perfect for anyone.

13- Dylan’s Candy Bark Stack– Gifting candies makes such a cute and easy gift. This one gives you such a good variety and they’re all so yummy. Going with a gift like this guarantees a win with the person receiving it.

I hope this little guide helps you find the perfect gift for the people in your life that are harder to buy for! Enjoy and Happy Holidays!