Fall Florals

Blouse: Red Dress Boutique (Similar here) || Jeans: Levis || Bamboo Clutch: 11th Thread Boutique (Similar here, here, original here)

 Hello lovely people! Lets talk about something that I love, wearing florals in fall. Florals, as you know, are insanely popular to wear all summer long, but this is not the only time you can wear them (or should wear them!). Transitioning those favorite tee’s, tanks, blouses right into the cooler weather is so easy and can be done in multiple ways.

For my first floral transitional look of 2017 I chose this absolutely adorable blouse. This floral printed blouse has a very subtle print and has unique details in the sleeves that I fell in love with. This blouse could very easily go with blue jeans or a skirt making it more fall appropriate (and for that whole “don’t wear white after labor day rule” that I usually do not follow). This blouse will look fantastic when the leaves start to change (just imagine how it will stand out) and will help keep you warmer on those cooler days ahead.

I paired this fall transition look with this year’s “It” bag. This bamboo bag has been everywhere (if you haven’t noticed) and I finally caved at the end of summer, naturally, into getting one. Even though this bag is made for summer, I am going to be pairing it with my transitional looks and even some fall looks, because it is way too fun to be a one season bag.

Wearing florals this fall is going to be a constant thing for me and I hope this little preview of my fall looks will help you take that summer wardrobe right into the heart of fall. Don’t be afraid to wear your favorite florals this fall, I know I won’t be.