Crystal Caves of Bermuda: Anthem of the Seas, Day 3


The “I can’t possibly get any wetter” look

*Was proven wrong*

AOTS_Bermuda_Caves_2016-2[1]AOTS_Bermuda_Caves_2016-3[1]AOTS_Bermuda_Caves_2016-12[1]AOTS_Bermuda_Caves_2016-5[1]AOTS_Bermuda_Caves_2016-6[1]AOTS_Bermuda_Caves_2016-13[1]AOTS_Bermuda_Caves_2016-11[1] AOTS_Bermuda_Caves_2016-10[1]AOTS_Bermuda_Caves_2016-9[1] AOTS_Bermuda_Caves_2016-8[1] AOTS_Bermuda_Caves_2016-7[1] AOTS_Bermuda_Caves_2016-4[1]AOTS_Bermuda_Caves_2016-18[1] AOTS_Bermuda_Caves_2016-17[1]AOTS_Bermuda_Caves_2016-16[1] AOTS_Bermuda_Caves_2016-15[1] AOTS_Bermuda_Caves_2016-14[1]AOTS_Bermuda_Caves_2016-19[1]Photos: Nick Ehret

On our third day we docked at 8am in Bermuda’s Royal Dockyard. Our original plan for the day was to spend our time at Horseshoe Bay (best known for pink sand beaches). Unfortunately, we got stuck in monsoon type weather and had to quick change plans. We chose to venture out to the Crystal Caves. To get to the caves, we chose to purchase a one day travel pass. This is a $20 pass that allows unlimited use of the water ferry and buses. It was the fastest option (about 1.5 hours each way) besides paying $100 each way for a taxi to take us directly to the caves.

When you get to the caves, there are three options for the tours. You can tour the Crystal Caves, the Fantasy Caves, or both. Since we had a time constraint (all aboard time for the ship was 3:30pm) we chose to only see the Crystal Caves. We were placed in a tour group of about 25 people. To get into the caves we had to go down about 80 steps. During the tour, our guide told us about the history and discovery of the caves.

A Few Fun Facts:

1- The caves were found by two boys accidentally  in the early 1900’s

2- These two boys were stuck inside the caves for hours in the pitch black trying to find a way out of the deep waters

3- When the caves first opened to the public, people were allowed to cut pieces of the crystals off (anywhere you see a blunt end on a crystal, is where it was cut off by an early visitor)

4- Oils from human hands actually cause the crystals to stop growing

Visiting the caves was a great rainy day (or monsoony day) activity to do in Bermuda. I would highly suggest going to check them out while visiting Bermuda.