Black OTS Mini Dress

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OTS Mini Dress: ASOS || Backpack: Coach || Bracelets: Boho Betty (use code REDHEAD for 20% off your entire purchase)

Those final beach days of the year are upon us. As sad as that may be, this dress can bring you through those final few trips! Its short, flowy, off the shoulder and oh so cute. Everything you need from a beach going dress, to a cover up wrapped up in one adorable package. This dress is the perfect dress for frolicking through the sand and soaking up the sun on the board walk. It is easy to wear and a vital end of summer piece.

Since this beauty is black, it is super easy to accessorize. I chose to opt-out of a necklace because it would have gotten in the way at the beach. I put on some of my brightest bracelets and added a few of my favorite cognac accessories. I brought along this beautiful backpack from coach because it could hold everything and anything i could possibly need at the beach (ex: sunscreen, towels, and snackys). This outfit is perfect for wrapping up those favorite summer festivities!