At home henna kit with Earth Henna

Earth Henna is company based out of the United States, that has brought henna tattoos from around the world into your home. They have a few different kits that allow you to try traditional henna, jagua and white henna. I chose the jagua which has a deep black color that looks virtually like a real tattoo (but it is not “black henna” it has a true black color not a dye). 

In the kit you get freeze dried jagua, base gel, eucalyptus oil, stencils, instructions and a few accessories to help you get the best temporary tatto you can get. And bonus…. the jagua will last 2-3 months in the refrigerator.  After you have mixed the jagua according to the instructions, you can either pick out a stencil (like I did because I have zero artistic abilities) or you can free hand designs. You use the eucalyptus oil to transfer the stencil from the paper onto you skin, and each stencil can be used multiple times.  When you have fully traced the stencil or have finished your design, you let it dry (which takes about 40 minutes, sometimes less or more)My friend with awesome artistic skill created this flower on my leg! So pretty!After its dry, you let it stay on for another 2 hours and then wipe it off with a warm damp cloth. When you wipe it off, it may look like very light. This basically looked like when I just had the stencil on and I was a little nervous that it wouldn’t turn black.The next morning, the color had deepened significantly and the jagua looked so real I was asked by almost everyone I know if I had just got a tattoo.  This jagua is so cool and great for going on vacation, to a music festival or just for fun. Even though the bottle looks small, there is so much jagua in there and with the amount we used/played around with I still have over 2/3rds left. You can create a ton of fun temporary tattoos with this kit (and they even sell just the henna and stencils so you can keep replenishing your supplies). If you love to have fun/ want to try out a tattoo you should absolutely try out the Earth Henna kits!

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    1. Me too! I was so nervous about having to free hand, but the stencils are amazing and so helpful!

      XOXO Liz

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