Anthem of the Seas, Day 2

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A lot of people think that they would be so bored if they went on a cruise. Well on The Anthem of the Seas, the only way you would be bored is if you were trying to be. Our second day on the ship was filled with so much activity, we almost didn’t have time to go to the pools (tragic right?). The day started out how most normal days do with breakfast, but quickly became one of the most exciting days I’ve had in a long time.

At 9:40am we had a reservation for iFly (each passenger gets 1 minute free with an instructor). On this ship, you have to make reservations in advance to participate. iFly is a skydiving simulator where you go into a wind tunnel and get to simulate skydiving. Before you can start, you watch a safety video and get suited up with a flight suit, googles, helmet and ear plugs. This was by far one of the best experiences I have had. iFly gives you the feeling of skydiving with out the risks. I highly suggest checking out their website because they have locations all around the U.S where you can try it out.

After, we decided to try trapeze training. The ship’s sports crew sets up a trapeze swing over an inflatable mat so the passengers can swing on a trapeze. First we were harnessed up and shown how to safely jump off the suspended platform. Then we climbed up a ladder to the platform, were hooked into the ropes, and jumped off the platform so we could swing. Being able to swing back and forth up in the air was so much fun (hard, but fun). I am so glad we were able to do this and hope to be able to try it again!

These two activities took up most of our morning, so after lunch hung out by the pool for a few hours before dinner at 8:30pm. This day for us was extraordinarily fun. The Anthem of the Seas is jam packed with so many things to do that we were constantly exploring her or doing something. This ship was designed for fun and it’s hard to avoid having a great time when you’re aboard.