DIY: Mickey Mouse Planter

Hi everyone! This weekend I created this fun Disney inspired Mickey Mouse planter for fall/Halloween. I am a big Disney fan and have previously carved Disney themed pumpkins, but I wanted to create a pumpkin masterpiece that would last more than one Halloween.

I went to Walmart to get the large pumpkins for $5.98 each! Such a good deal for decorative pumpkins (esp Michael’s and AcMoore have them for $15 and up)! These exact pumpkins are sold only in store so hurry and grab them before they sell out. I picked up the smaller pumpkins and the decorative picks from JoAnn Fabric’s for 1.99-3.99 each (but they were 50% off and they have a ton of coupons so you can get them super cheap).

I started by finding this Mickey Mouse face by googling “Mickey Mouse Pumpkin Stencil.” I thought that the size of this stencil would work great on the face of this pumpkin.
I then cut out the Micky face and picked the side of the pumpkin I wanted the face on. After cutting out the stencil, I traced each piece of the face onto the pumpkin with a pencil. I did this so I would be able to erase any mistakes or move a feature if I didn’t like the placement.I filled in the outlines with black acrylic paints (which I picked up from a Michaels). I used acrylic because it dries fast and I would be able to put on a second coat of paint quickly. The sparkles on the top of this pumpkin were a little difficult to cover, so I used a thicker coat of paint.After I painted the orange glittery pumpkin, I took the stems off of the other two pumpkins so that they would lay on top of each other better. They just wiggled out, but be careful you don’t damage the pumpkin.To get them to stack, I used a kabob skewer. I pierced the bottom pumpkin from the bottom, and went through the hole left by taking the stem out. The skewer was big enough to go through all three pumpkins. The mini pumpkins I had from JoAnn Fabrics for the ears had little sticks attached, but they were facing the wrong direction for what I wanted. They had wire in them so I broke up the outer covering by going over it with scissors, and then bending it down. To stick the little pumpkins into ear position, I poked a hole through the pumpkin with a kebab skewer. I then placed the ear pumpkins onto the bigger pumpkin and adjusted their placement as needed.After the Mickey Mouse stack was complete, I placed it into this planter (which we have had for years, but you can get at almost any home store) by using two kebab skewers that I put into the bottom pumpkin so it wouldn’t fall over.
I then filled in the empty space in the planter with picks that had flowers in them and a few more mini pumpkins (this is where you can use your creativity!!!)I then went around my yard and picked up leaves that had fallen off of trees to fill in any extra empty space. I hope you love this cute little decoration that is insanely easy to make! Now quick go make one for your own house!