Why I changed my career path (Again!)

Hi Lovely! It’s been a while, but I’m so happy to be writing to you again. A little over a month ago, just after I got home from my euro trip, I began an accelerated nursing program in Philadelphia. I wanted to talk about my decision to change my career path, again, and  why you might want to consider changing up you career too. This may also explain why I’ve been a little sporadic lately (working on that)!

My undergraduate degree is in athletic training and I completed that at Penn State University. The 4 years I spent at Penn State were absolutely fantastic, but the second semester of my senior year, I decided I didn’t want to be an athletic trainer any more. Talk about bad timing right? I had one semester left and I now don’t want to work in the field I will be credentialed in and spent the past 4 years aiming to working in. I was scared, confused, worried, stressed, and had almost every emotion a person could feel when their future just went from certain to a big fat question mark. I knew I wanted to stay in the medical field but I wasn’t sure how to change or what career I wanted now.

Now as many of you have experienced, being an 18 year old picking a degree at a college is super intimidating and you think you know what you want but you’re not really sure. You get this list of possibilities and you’re like “well I did well in this subject in school so why not pick that for my major.” Unfortunately there is no way to know if you actually like it until you’re working or interning in that field. I personally am not the type of person to settle so when I got closer to graduation and closer to the end, I knew this wasn’t for me. But now I’m posed with having to sit down and pick a career from a list AGAIN, and I know how well that went the first time.

While I’m trying to decide what degree to get/ what career to go into (I know school isn’t the end all be all) I took a bunch of prerequisite classes that would help me get into a new medical based program. I ended up after a year going to school for a Nuclear Medicine degree. This was a one year program that I was pretty hopeful would be the end for me. It turned out that in this current climate, there aren’t a ton of jobs in nuclear medicine and I struggled when I was finished on getting a position. I was super lucky to get a per diem position (this means I work when I’m available and when my work needs me) at the hospital that I had my clinical training at and worked with some fabulous people. But I knew I wouldn’t be able to support myself or my dogs with this work and I wasn’t fully convinced that this was for me.

Now after this program, I randomly applied to schools and ended up getting a position in an accelerated nursing program. I was terrified. Plain and simple I was so scared that I may be going to school for a third degree and hate it or not be able to get a job or for what ever reason fail. I had all the feelings associated with dread and I didn’t like it. I almost convinced myself to not go and to stay working as a per diem nuclear medicine technologist until I could make my decision. Butttttt I didn’t. I went back to school for the third time May 14th terrified, scared, nervous, anxious, confused and all sorts of other feelings. I had all the feels and I decided I’m going to do it. I’m not going to settle for a career I don’t want or that I can’t succeed in. I am the untlimate in moving on if I hate something and guess what, here I am moving on, in school for something I was super unsure about.

The scariest thing that I still have thoughts about is that am I doing the right thing for me. It’s something that I will continue to question even when I’m graduating for the third time. I think this may be what I should be doing but I have no idea, and that’s okay with me. I’m a big believer in doing something that you are passionate about and if I need to do something else, then so be it. As of this moment in time, I’m happy with my choice (ask me in a month and my answer may be different). Acclimating to this school has been a challenge but I’m so happy I chose to try it out. Changing the path of your life is something that can be terrifying but may be so necessary if you have doubts about where you are, what you’re doing, or how you’re doing it. I have to convince myself that this is the right thing and that I’m only going to be happier in the end and that isn’t an easy thing to convince yourself of this many times.

I hope that this is my final destination and that from here I go on to further myself in the nursing profession. I hope that my journey will be something that I can share and help others with if you also have doubts about what you are doing. It takes a lot of courage and support to change your career, but it’s possible. It can be the best thing that you do for yourself and you may live your best life because of it. I hope that you are living the life you want and I hope to be joining you someday soon!


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