How to: DIY Air Plant Garden

I must not be the only one who has noticed that air plants have become SUPER trendy house decor as of late. I’ve noticed places like anthropologie, urban outfitters, and even my local grocery store have started to sell cute little gardens for air plants, but for a pretty steep price(i’ve seen prices from $15 and up!!). It’s a little baby plant, how much could it cost right?

My first encounter with a DIY air plant planter was when I went to the Philadelphia Flower Show. Here we were given a piece of wood, which we could pick from all different shaped and sizes), an air plant, and jars of different colored mosses, pinecones and other outdoorsy items. Here they suggested hot gluing the plant to the piece of wood and then decorating around it, PSA don’t hot glue your air plant in place (I’ll explain why!). My little piece of wood covered in mosses with my new plant turned out absolutely adorable if I say so myself and sparked an interest in me to create my little garden of air plants.

Me and my happy little air plant who started my little garden.

I stumbled upon jars full of air plants for sale at my local Wegmans (a grocery store if you aren’t from the northeast) but they can be ordered online from Amazon, or found at a local nursery. Mine ranged in price $2 to $5, so I decided to get an assortment of tall and flowering, tentacley, and short so I could let my creativity flow.

I picked up three of these flowering beauties.

I picked up two of these air plants with this fun tentacle look.

I also picked up two smaller ones that look like grasses.

I then popped over to my local Michaels craft store to see if they had any cute “air plant” accessories. I put air plant in quotes because you can use anything you think looks nice in your air plant garden. Everything I bought was on sale for 50% off so it was a pretty great deal. I picked up a of jar of stones, a jar of glittery glass, a geometric glass vase, and a mermaid statue (a fairy garden prop). At home, my mom pulled out some gorgeous shells that she picked up on a trip to Florida for me to use in my garden. You can also fine a variety of shells at your local craft store. Now if you stumble upon a nice vase, tea light holder, piece of wood, or actually anything you think would look nice use it for your air plant!


I put together the main piece in my air plant garden using the props and items I picked up at Michaels. This is where you let your creativity flow. Layer your rocks if you want, I put the teal ones on top so it looked like water. I then put the mermaid smack dab in the center and placed some tiny shells around her. I fit in three of my air plants, one of the taller ones and two shorted ones so that it was interesting to look at. The only thing you have to make sure of is that your plant has enough air around it so it can breathe.

After finished up that part of my garden, I still had four plants left to place. I then found a couple of tea light holders that we haven’t used in years and cleaned them up. I then just placed two air plants in each of the tea light holders so that it balance out the decor. Your air plant planters can be as simple or as intricate as your heart desires, and my heart said simple for the other two planters. Now that you have those gorgeous air plants all situated, your probably wondering how to take care of that little plant.

My finished garden… I have this located in my bathroom on a shelf where my plants will get plenty of light and humidity.

You may have noticed that many air plants are glued into their little garden. To me it sounded a little weird that your would hot glue a plant in place, it still needs to be watered right? So I went and did some research and found that its best to not to hot glue your air plant into any planter. Some instructions say that misting your plant occasionally is enough water for the plant to survive. Well thats not quite accurate… Its much better for the plant to remove it from its garden once a week and give it a nice soaking for 6-8 hours. After soaking it, let it dry out for a couple of hours and then place it back into its little garden.

Your air plant will tell you if its happy or not. If it has enough water it will be a nice pretty green, if its too dry it’ll start to look brittle (so just be a little vigilant). Some air plants can even flower. I bough three flowering air plants, but some others can produce flowers if they’re enjoying their environment. They may also reproduce, so you may end up with an air plant army if you take really good care of your plants!

Air plants are so fun to dress up your space and can match any space depending on what you put in their little garden. I hope you create a super cute little air plant garden (message me the pictures!!!) and that you have happy little plants!


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