Carbon Coco Teeth Whitening Kit

So who doesn’t want whiter teeth? Well if that’s you, then you may want to stop reading…. I recently was given the opportunity to try out Carbon Coco’s carbon based tooth polish and tooth paste. If you haven’t heard of Carbon Coco yet they are an all natural carbon based teeth whitening company. All natural toothpaste products (skin care and makeup products) appeal to me so much, so I was so excited to try this system out.

If you didn’t know this little fun fact about me, I have a toothpaste allergy (like who has this??) so I have to be insanely careful when I try new products. Since Carbon Coco is natural I was very eager to try it out (my skin is usually pretty happy with natural products). Luckily I haven’t had any reactions from using their products for the past few weeks and have seen some fabulous whitening. Finding a product like this is absolutely fabulous, all my allergies limit the products I can and cannot use so a whitening system that I don’t react to is a huge win!

The kit I got, the ultimate carbon kit, comes with a toothbrush, charcoal toothpaste, and charcoal tooth polish. They explain to you that you should use the polish first for 3 minutes, then rinse and then use the toothpaste for 3 minutes after. For the best results, you should use this system two times a day for two weeks, after that you can switch to once a day or every other day to maintain your results (plus you can always go back to using it more if you want).

The kit comes in this nice little pouch so you can take your teeth whitening kit anywhere, to your grandparents, in your checked bag at the airport, ANYWHERE!!!

You wet your toothbrush and then dip it into the charcoal powder. A lot will attach to the toothbrush so you can tap the brush on the container to get the extra off. A little goes a longgggg way with this system, trust me!

The toothpaste has a nice minty flavor to it and it feels so refreshing. A little bit of this goes a long way too! You only need a little dot of this toothpaste to get the job done. You get so much product for your money, this system is a fabulous deal.

One down side to this system is that its a smidge messy (the charcoal polish kinda looks like one of the blot pictures you see in psychology classes, lol) but I’ll clean up that mess any day for the results this system gives! (The one on the left is before and the one on the right is after 2 weeks!)

I love this whitening system and hope you all give it a go! Its available via this link here or you can get it on amazon here! I’d go to their website personally, they have special pricing for the bundles.


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