10 Things you may not know about me

Hello Everyone! I feel its time for me to post an about me post this because RHW is a year old! I can’t believe it has been a year, it feels like I just started blogging.

1. I am currently in school for Nuclear Medicine and am looking to become a Physician Assistant (hopefully starting school in 2018!!). I’ve been drawn to the medical field (and I have a bachelors in Athletic Training) since I can remember dreaming about becoming everything from a veterinarian to a forensic pathologist. I fell in love with sports medicine during my 4 years at college hope to be able to practice orthopedics as a physician assistant very soon.

2. I have the WORST skin allergies I have seen. I am allergic to 90% of skin care products, makeups, chapsticks, sunscreens, lotions, toothpastes (yes, toothpaste) and much more (we’d be here for a while if I finished this list). It is so difficult to find products I can use and I still am not used to it after 6 years. It was triggered when I went to college and hasn’t settled down since (ugh) .

3. My nickname is the fruit ninja at home because I loveeeeeeeeee fruit. I could eat a whole watermelon by myself and be insanely happy for the whole day. I’ll eat almost every fruit except for red delicious apples (and that’s because my tongue gets itchy when I eat them).

4. Since we are talking about food right now, I hate when my food touches on my plate. In my perfect food world I would have separate plates for everything. It’s weird and I know but some of my closest friends feel the same way and it makes me feel less weird (yay for being semi-normal, but not really)

5. I have absolutely no artistic ability what so ever. I can’t even draw a stick figure. I need step by step directions to make any sort of art and the instructions need to basically be color by numbers explicit. I love pairing colors, fabrics, and textures together. I also love to quilt (its so fun!) but I have a hard time making anything without step by step straight forward directions.

6. I have had two ankle surgeries (one on each ankle). I had what is normally a sports injury, but I ended up being born with it. It is called Peroneal Tendon Subluxation. Its not the most common thing, and even less common to be born with. I had it fixed by an orthopedic surgeon who was working with the same athletic team that I was working with when I was a student athletic trainer. He was so awesome and inspired me to become a Physician Assistant.

7. Since my surgeries, I have run a bunch of 5k’s, an obstacle course 5k, a 10 miler, and two half marathons. I never could run past 3ish miles due to ankle pain, but since those surgeries I can now run many many more miles. I am planning on another half marathon soon!

8. I’m a big animal lover. I have two shetland sheepdog pups (aka shelties and they just turned 1) and I have two kitties (who are 13). I can’t imagine living without fluffy animal friends and will suffer through allergies to keep them around.

9. I love reading. So far this year I have read about 15 books. I constantly have a book in progress on my kindle or a real book. I have a library system in the county I live in and they have a phenomenal e-book and real book library. This allows me to read as much as I do because of how expensive books can get.

10. My favorite flowers are Dahlias and  Lillies. They are the most gorgeous flowers I have even seen. I wish they grew all year long because I find myself googling pictures of them constantly. Google them and I guarantee they will brighten your day!

Thanks for reading and I can’t thank all of you enough for all of the support and love.


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  1. Congratulations on one year! We must have started our blogs around the same time 😉 I loved reading more about you, and we have lots in common. I love to run and read, too!

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